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Baptism Christening Photographer Bay Area


Christening is a memorable event for parents and relatives of a newborn baby and it is one of the most important and exciting events for the family. The sacrament of Baptism in the Christening Church is considered to be meaningful moments when a newborn baby gets the blessing of God. The preparation process will begin long before the appointed time. The relatives of the baby choose godparents and decide about the Christening venue.

Photographs made during Christening ceremony in the Bay Area churches, California have special honesty and expressiveness. Colorful photos will always remind you of this important event in the life of your child and the beginning of his/her spiritual life in true belief. When making a photo-session in the church a lot of factors should be considered that include the peculiarities of light inside the building, having knowledge about the details of the ceremony, etc. If you would like to keep forever every moment of this amazing day, please contact me.